You know how hard it is to communicate with citizens after a disaster?


apps for emergency management

You know how hard it is to communicate with citizens after a disaster?




Provide your citzens the information they need to be more prepared in case of a disaster.


Help minimize damage by giving your community tools to help you plan a response.


Share, in real time, important information with the click of a few buttons.

Custom Apps for Emergency Management Made Easy

It’s not a question of “if”, but a matter of “when” the next disaster is going to strike.  That’s what all emergency managers preach to their citizens.  If that’s the case, are you ready for when that day comes?  Are you ready to field the massive flood of questions that will pour in?  Are you ready to share the answers to the public in an organized manner?

User Friendly Apps Can Save Lives

After a disaster hits, many people will be evacuated from their homes, or will be without power and/or internet service.  They won’t have access to a computer.  That’s where a mobile app for iPhone and Android devices can be a tremendous tool, as their only source of information will be their mobile phone. 

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    Our emergency first responders application has been designed such that it offers custom solutions, this means that all contents, artwork, and images within the app can be customized to meet the specific needs of your community. We have made sure that the emergency response application will give your citizens the personal touch they need to save them in times of fire, or other natural disasters.

    In addition to offering citizens information on what to do in the event of an emergency, like sudden cardiac arrest, the application also offers preparedness information that prepares users for more common emergencies thus increasing the chances of survival.

    The first responder portion has also been developed to work on all major mobile platforms, offering rights reserved information from your department to citizens via web links and other resources.

    To facilitate easy location, the application also boasts of a map integration that allows maps to be added for emergency situations.

    In the event of contact with hazardous materials, there is also accommodation for email forms that allow complaints to be lodged for any kind of situation. Other uses for the email forms include damage reports, burn requests, shelter registration, and others in the aftermath of a natural disaster.

    Our first responder mobile apps also give access to other features including;

    • Weather information from the national weather services or weather department
    • Photo submission support for users to take photos directly using the app and email instantly to the appropriate responder authority.
    • Viral sharing function through an easy-to-use sharing interface
    • Photo Gallery allowing users access to public photos such as community projects, first responder disaster images, and others.

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