Just Some of the App Functions

Location Map

emergency locations map

Add, categorize, and edit important locations in real time without waiting for app store updates.


emergency preparedness information

Educate your community on how to be better prepared in case of severe weather.

First Aid Guide

First Aid Guide

Offer a quick reference guide for post disaster recovery.

Photo Submission

Photo Submission

Citizens can submit photos directly in to emergency management to notify them of problems as they develop.

Damage Report

Have damage reports submitted to more accurately calculate the total impact of an event.

Push Notifications

Send out emergency notifications and activate homepage alerts for all types of events.  Instant, scheduled, and geo-targeted notifications can be sent.

Custom Solution

All the content, images, and artwork within the app is totally customizable for your community.  These aren’t cookie cutter apps with a one size fits all solution.   Your citizens will know this is an app specifically created by your emergency management department.

Unlimited Push Notifications

Send out notifications to highlight incidents, weather warnings, or any other emergency management related topics.  Notifications can be scheduled and geo-targeted to reach the right people at the right time.

Location Maps

Add a map or multiple maps to your app highlighting the locations of police, fire, and governmental offices, incidents, shelters, PoDs, or any other locations you want to highlight.  These can all be edited, deleted, or added in real time without the need of an app update.

Calendar of Events

Keep your community up to date on any events that you want to highlight with a nice, clean interface.

Email Forms

include email forms for any kind of situation you need, for example, shelter registration, damage reports, or burn requests.  All forms can be customized to fit whatever information you want to provide or require.  The forms also allow attachments to be included from the user’s phone so photos can be submitted for damage reports.

Photo Submission

Users can take a photo directly through the app and email it quickly in to your office to report an incident in real time.


Users can enter, and edit notes directly through the app to save important information for future use.  For example, parents could enter emergency phone #’s in to their children’s apps.

Photo Gallery

Create image galleries inside the app to show off community events, disaster images, or anything else you can think of.

First Aid Reference

A first aid reference section directly out of the CERT training can be included.

Preparedness Information

Information section about how to be more prepared in the event of the most common emergencies is included.



A link to the National Weather Service weather, or your favorite weather site can be included.


Have a Youtube channel?  We can embed your channel in to the app to showcase any videos you want to share.

Social Media Integration

Provide links to your Facebook, or Twitter channels to increase followers and keep your community informed on the latest information.

Viral Sharing Function

Promote the sharing of the app to other users with a simple to use sharing interface.  Users can even log in to their social media accounts within the app to integrate it with their own social media accounts.

Web Links

Provide links to any emergency management websites you want to include, for example, FEMA, Red Cross, etc.

Volunteerism Promotion

Include pages within the app to promote any volunteer organizations like CERT, ViPS, or similar groups.

Multi-Lingual Content

Our apps are designed to translate in to the most common languages automatically based on the user’s phone’s settings.

Fully Editable Content

Through a web-based, user-friendly dashboard, you’ll have access to update the app in real time as needed.  Training on using the system is included with our packages so you’ll be able to make updates when necessary.

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